Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Western Shirt

I was asked to make a western style shirt for quite a tall guy. The only shirt pattern I had in the appropriate size was Simplicity 7745, which isn't western at all. I only had to made one modification, pockets.
Made two instead of one, and changed the shape. It looks like this:
Shirt for James
Fabric came from the tip shop and buttons/thread from garage sales. Probably my thriftiest garment so far at around $3. Almost completely sewn on the 320K2, but as usual buttonholes done on the VS2.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Singer 15-1

This is a second one. The ad said it was from 1879. The seller got the serial number wrong and it's from 1888. Still, it has a bobbin winder and looks better than the other one.
I'll have to sell it in the cabinet, since I have no space (sad, right?).
After a few hours of cleaning it's working perfectly and I wish I could keep it to sew a garment with.
The 15 is an amazing machine and this is the only fiddle base machine Singer made with a round bobbin and standard needle.