Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Labour Day Holiday Fun

I was just telling a friend on FB that we went to Tyabb packing house for the holiday yesterday. Spent three hours rummaging through some very old magazines in the increasing heat. Dropped in at a beach in Mornington for about 30 minutes and went home. The funny thing is calling it a successful day. It was truly fun, and got a heap of magazines. Mine all had free patterns and were only $5 each! Normally you'd pay more than this for a vintage pattern alone, so it was great to have an amazing old magazine in great condition. My better half was happy just to get her magazines (although I suspect a little envious at my haul).
They made 'em big in those days too. These are almost A3 size. The patterns are uncut and they will remain that way. If I want a pattern, I'll trace it onto some dressmaker's paper. Ordered a huge amount from Nancy's Notions the other day. After having made several garments from old patterns I noticed that the patterns get damaged every time they're used. They get pinned and it's almost impossible not to cause ripping when pinning or cutting the fabric. They are also weakened each time they're folded, unfolded, ironed or placed in the packet.

Went to a bazaar after the packing house and almost bought a Singer 201K (they closed at 3pm).

Where do you get these magazines? Tyabb is good, but if you aren't in Victoria, Garage sales of deceased estates or your local bazaar.

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