Saturday, 20 April 2013

Pinnock Sewing machine user manual

I couldn't believe it when one kind lady scanned this and sent it to me.
I don't actually have a Pinnock 404, but I'm sure it will help someone out there.
Can't comment on copyright, but seeing as Pinnock stopped manufacturing in 1966 and there are a heap of people selling pdfs of Pinnock manuals I came to the conclusion that totally free distribution of this is reasonable.
I have several Pinnocks and they're all very similar up to the time Brother started using the name in the 1980s, so if you have a genuine Pinnock, this is likely to be helpful.
I disassembled the original pdf, cut it in size and re-saved it to reduce the file size. It is 1.67MB and available here.


  1. Hi, delighted you have a copy of a manual as myself and my mother have a Pinnock here we are trying to use to make cloth dolls. Unfortunately when I click the link to download I am getting redirected to this error page . Would really really really appreciate if you could get it back up!? Thank you Aine :)

    1. Sorry Aine. It was hosted on my own web site, which I closed down a few months ago. So glad someone will benefit from this manual. Might put a few others up too.

  2. Looking for pinnock super stretch 3200 manual. Any ideas?

  3. Hi Tamara. I actually had a super stretch 3600 until a month or two ago, and it had no manual. However, I found that I didn't need one. Threading instructions were printed on the machine and it worked just like any other better quality modern machine. It was Japanese or Taiwanese (I sold it for a garage sale price).
    It was a fairly good machine and very light (compared to my solid metal machines) but seeing as it was typical, I imagine that any manual for a similar era Brother would probably do you. Why do you need a manual?

  4. I have a 1957 Pinnock Sewmaster Manual if any body needs it. email

  5. Thank you, Mike. My pdf downloaded beautifully

  6. I'm looking for the manual for the Pinnock Superstretch 3200 sewing machine - can anyone help??