Monday, 15 September 2014

Pyjamas and a Singer industrial

These were another garment made from an old one. My favourite PJs were worn out and frankly a bit smelly too. My GF is a pattern maker and disassembled the old ones and made a pattern. Again, I put it together without any assistance, and again felt as though I'd achieved something significant.
Here's the final product:
Comfortable, warm and better quality than the originals. These were made almost entirely on the 1959 Singer 320K2, buttonholes done on 1891 VS2 (don't know why, it just does a brilliant buttonhole).
Machine-wise, I'm working on a 1938 Singer 29K58 leather shoe patcher which I probably shouldn't have touched. It was a real rust bucket, and took way too much work to get it freed up. Dad has done almost all the work and the thing already looks great. Here's a preview:
Just need to fix the bobbin winder and the front tension and I think she'll be ready to take on the world. Well, maybe a pair of shoes.


  1. I have a 29-4 and it will not pick up thread from the bobbin. any suggestions?

  2. What have you done so far, and what's your level of knowledge?

  3. cleaned it up. everything else is running well. I am a retired mechanic so doing repairs aren't a problem. all the parts are there and working. needle goes down-bobbin spins and almost the bobbin thread is picked up.

    1. Thought I'd replied to this already.
      I don't want to lead you in the wrong direction and haven't fixed my machine yet, so am obliged to point you in the direction of expertise. I suggest the yahoo group "vintage singers" ( or (in the forum there's "leather sewing machines")