Sunday, 23 February 2014

Another freebie

On Gumtree the other day there was a 319K in a treadle cabinet. Strange thing, because although the cabinet is the same era the machine had its own original motor and light. So of course I separated them. Popped a 227 head into the cabinet with a new treadle belt and the 319K went into a Pfaff portable box.
The 319 is in absolutely amazing condition. Well it is now: I spent two whole days cleaning oiling and setting things, as the machine was pretty much in need of everything. The needle in there was not the correct 206x13 or even the commonly substituted 15x1, but a round shank industrial. Best not to mess about, so I didn't test it out. The power lead had insulation that was falling off so the plug wasn't going anywhere near the 240V outlet.
How she came to me
The service book is available from the yahoo group's files. Pictures aren't clear but the information is there. I went through everything possible, hence the two day restoration. It also came with a full set of discs.
Here's what it looks like now:
It took a really long time to get the bight width lever right. The problem was that it was seized up. I moved it a little with the pliers and cloth, but no amount of oil was going to get this thing moving properly. Taking it apart revealed a load of gunk just about everywhere. Took a long time to de-gunk it but it's now like new!
If you do this job on this model, I'd advise you don't do it without the service manual.

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  1. The round shank BLx1 (sold in Australia at sewing stores as "Overlocker Needles BL") is the same eye length as the 206x13 and the 15x1 and is short point like the 206x13 - in other words it's correct except for the round shank. Mounting on a 319, you orient the needle correctly and tighten the needle mounting screw an additional 1/4 turn. It's only available in limited sizes, but they are the same limited sizes as the 206x13's so it doesn't really matter.