Thursday, 19 February 2015

Dishonest eBayers

I sold my 29K58 a few weeks ago to a guy who sounded nice enough on the phone. He said it was for himself and he was short of money so could I let it go for $230 (was advertised for $250).
Of course I let it go. I like to help people out and at least he wasn't a lying dealer, right?
Yesterday I noticed a strangely familiar 29K58 on eBay

Yes that's definitely my machine. The decals I applied a few weeks ago, the fresh paint, the take up lever I accidentally broke in the car last year.
I really hate being lied to. Everything this guy said to me was a lie.
This says "

This has been a great feature in our home for many years. We have never used the machine.
It looks complete. May need a service to operate it.
Pre purchase inspections are very welcome. I am located in Hawthorn Victoria for collection.
Would make a great feature in any home.
**Please View My Other Singer Sewing Machine Auctions**"

It's not an antique, it's not complete, it doesn't work (that's how it was advertised), and it has never been in his home until he bought it as a broken machine a few weeks back. He knows the take up lever is broken and there is another part broken at the back. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do via eBay: Dishonesty isn't against their rules.
Now I know not to let a valuable machine like this go without repairing it and selling for at least 80% of the going rate. So thank you jamesvk3 for giving me a reality check. Your ridiculous level of dishonesty for your fellow man will ensure I'm more vigilant and no more bargain selling. Lying and ripping people off (I mean the buyer, not me) isn't on.
I assume that if some poor sucker buys it, he'll shrug and tell them he knows nothing about sewing machines (which he sells a lot of) and did offer pre purchase inspections. If you buy it, I'm willing to testify that he sold it under false pretences.
Justice would see it fall on him.


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    1. He still sells a lot of machines and I think he advertises as industrial strength, sews leather etc. (that's enough to set off my BS alarm).
      I just couldn't do it: Every lie to your brothers and sisters removes a little bit of your soul.

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