Monday, 9 February 2015

Dressmaker dummy for collars and sleeves

I've been making a few shift dresses lately and noticed that one of the really hard things in dress making, putting in sleeves and collars.
It's lining everything up on a flat surface that's difficult, but with a dummy you can set the correct size for your dress and pop the sleeve, collar or facing on quite easily. All of the marks line up perfectly. Dressmaker's dummies are available new or from collectable shops, garage sales etc. This is Diana: She's fairly old and English. I had to lubricate all the dials (they were quite rusty and some seized).
The pattern is Simplicity 8775 (1970) "designer fashion".
The only thing I wasn't completely happy with was that I used an invisible zipper. They did exist in 1970 but weren't very common. The fabric is old too so it's a brand new old garment.
Sewn on my 320K2.
Here are some pictures:
Pinning the neck facing - easy!

And the sleeves - also easy!

Needs a press but isn't it lovely?

Arm facing. The white fabric is to prevent pins from catching.

And the back, with the invisible zipper.

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